No Tutors Available?

Here are some alternatives!

We understand that due to time zone issues, and due to the busy lives of our alumni, that our tutors will not always be available when you are!

If that is the case, you have a number of options to still get the answers you need about English-related questions and topics:

  1. Leave a video message on Skype for the tutors you wish to contact. When those tutors are available, they will send you a video message in return, answering your questions, or message you when they see that you are online.
  2. Fill out the form below, and our tutors can post a new topic on the Tutor Blog to answer your questions, either in the form of a written post or a video.

We regularly check forms that are submitted, and we aim to give you a response as quickly as possible, while also addressing your questions and requests accurately and thoroughly.

To ask questions and to request a topic to be discussed by one of our tutors, fill out this form:

Request a Topic for the Blog

Let us know what topics you want to see on the Tutor Blog!
  • If you remember your student ID number that you had while you were studying at the ELI, type it here! This will help us to better help you!
  • Please tell us the year that you graduated from the ELI - if you remember the month as well, that would be even better!
  • Tell us your e-mail so that we can respond to you!
  • If you give us your Skype username, our tutors will add you to their contacts so that they can connect with you faster.
  • Check off all of the English language topics that you would like our tutors to post about on the Tutor Blog!
  • Didn't see the topic listed above? Write the specific topic that you would like posted here!
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