Request Forms

There are many Request Forms that might be useful to you after you leave the ELI. Please see the various options below, which will provide you with several forms that you may submit to get what you need from us, or to send us information that we need to continue helping you:

  • Request your ELI transcript
    If you need to show your transcript to a boss or school, or if you just would like it for your files, you can fill this form out and we can mail it to you.
  • Request your ELI certificate
    If you were unable to attend graduation, and you would like a copy of your certificate, complete this form and we will send it to you!
  • Request a statement to your account
    We would be happy to send you a statement of your account from when you studied at the ELI. This might be useful if you have recently graduated and you need it for your bank, or for your sponsor.
  • Update your mailing address
    This is important so that you can continue to receive our annual newsletter.
  • Share your news with us
    We may include your update in our annual newsletter–so share any news about your new job, promotion, marriage, children, accomplishments, or anything else that is happening in your life–your old classmates will love to hear from you!
  • Subscribe to the ELI Alumni Mailing List
    We promise not to bug you! We will send you occasional e-mail newsletters with updates and news about the ELI throughout the year (around 3 per year). This might include news of alumni events in your hometown, or updates to services that we are offering.
  • Request specific topics to be posted to the Tutor Blog
    If there is a topic in English or American culture that you are interested in or need help with, request it here and one of our tutors can write an article or create a video to help you out! Some things might include how to format and write a CV, how to pronounce certain English sounds, how to prepare for a job interview in English, and more!
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